Cinema Bandi movie Review

Cinema Bandi Movie Review

Cinema Bandi watch online on Netflix

Age: 12+

Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama Comedy

Streaming Date: 14 May 2021

Duration: 01:50:00


Cinema Bandi Review - A Heartwarming rural drama

The trailer of Cinema Bandi, a Telugu rural drama featuring newcomers in the lead roles built good buzz and anticipation. The film is available for streaming on Netflix now and here’s our review of th
Sathvik SV

Updated: May 14, 2021 13:10 IST

Rating : 3.25/5

Cinema Bandi Review - Story:

Veera, an auto driver who resides in Gollapalli, a village bordering Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka finds a misplaced high-end camera in his auto. At first, he plans to rent out the camera and make steady income but later changes his mind and intends to shoot a feature film with it. He takes the support of his friend, Gana, a local cameraman and casts native villagers to play lead roles in his film. What are the challenges faced by this inexperienced lot? What is the backstory behind the camera? The answers to these questions form the core plot.

Cinema Bandi Review - Analysis:

Cinema Bandi is a testimony of the change in approach of budding Telugu filmmakers. It has a fresh plot, almost entirely features newcomers, unfolds at its own pace, and most importantly stays true to its beautiful theme. Through its run-time of around 100 minutes, the film doesn’t have a single cliched or farfetched scene. The narrative is as fresh as it can get.

Newcomers, Vikas Vasistha, Sandeep, Rag Mayur, Trishula, Uma, Sindhu, and Sirivennela perform quite well. They fit the specifications of their roles and add a new layer to the film with their realistic portrayal.
The film banks on its well-versed technical team. The director Praveen picks a relatively unexplored storyline and narrates it with great finesse. The films unfolds at its own pace and never goes off track. The emotional connect is bang on point and the characters are beautifully written. The sensibilities, philosophical thought process, and perception of life of the rural population are presented in their truest form. The challenges faced by the characters through their filmmaking journey are authentic and gel with the plot. The background score is immersive and adds more zest to certain scenes. Cinematography by Apporva Shaligram and Sagar YVV is of top-notch quality. They set the mood with adequately-naive yet well-composed visuals. Production designing is excellent as well.
There is this one particular scene in which the protagonist who already spent everything he had on the film silently watches his supporting and strong-natured wife leave to work as a daily-wage labourer to pool in the required funds to complete the filming. This scene is clap-worthy and it clearly implies that Praveen is a genuine storyteller.
It would probably be unfair to say this but Cinema Bandi doesn’t cater to all sections of the audience and understandably so. If you are a sucker for 4-fights, 5-songs celluloid then you might not be fully satisfied with this beautifully articulated rural drama.

Cinema Bandi Review - Verdict:

Cinema Bandi is one of the better films that have released on OTT of late. It makes for a good viewing, thanks to brilliant performances and beautiful presentation of a novel story.