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Metro Kathalu

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14 Aug 2020 01:15:00

Metro Kathalu Movie Review

Metro Kathalu is a movie with four individual middle-class stories which exhibit brutal honesty regarding the journey of life.
Yagna Namburi

Updated: August 14, 2020 16:46 IST

Rating : 3/5

Metro Kathalu Movie Story:

The movie is dived into 4 independent sub-stories just as the tag line conveyed "One city four stories". The sub-stories are introduced each with a title 'Proposal, Ghatana, Selfie and Tegalu'. The complete concept of the movie is to portray the different stories of the middle-class families and people around the major city of Hyderabad. Where they are faced with life-altering situations and had to take a step further to make the choice which lets them push forward in their journey of life. The stories seem to have a twist but they are uncomplicated and are that we encounter in our life each day.

Severally speaking about each sub-story, Proposal is a simple plot where a guy proposes a girl and she replies him back with utter practicality.
Ghatana starts with an accident and takes its own minor turns and twists which tries to say few bumps are ok in life.
Selfie is the story of a married girl who has to live all alone far from her spouse and what it brings to her plate.
Tegalu is a story about how we miss the small moments in regular busy life and how those small moments or things can matter to a few people around us.
Dialogues played a key role in the plot and carried the essence of the movie through the last minute of the movie.

Metro Kathalu Movie Performances:

Each actor had limited screen time, but Director Karuna Kumar took the best of every protagonist and presented them to us on the screen. Rajiv Kanakala, Gayatri Bhargavi, Sana, Ali Raza, and Nandini Rai have the characters which have more scope for screen presence.

Individually Sana poured out her soul into the performance. Where she lets her emotions make the decision for her life which every one of us will come across in our day to day life and she definitely grabbed the audience's pulse.
Rajiv Kanakala who took the role of a simple family man with 2 kids did have only dialogues on his plate and less action to deliver. Yet he made the best of experience and his emotional delivery was up to the mark as usual.

Metro Kathalu Movie Technical Aspects:

The movie release under the production house of Allu Aravind'. It does not lack in technicality. The cinematography is just as smooth as butter and the slow backdrop of the background music made the viewing experience quite tranquil. In addition, the simple storyline made it even made the camera work easier.

Metro Kathalu Movie Verdict:

The stories might not be intertwined but all of them tried to convey that not every happy family or a person is outright. When dug deeper we all have our flaws which we are rather not proud of but accept and let them travel with us. It can be a neighbor, a relative, a friend, or our personal life that might be facing a life-altering situation or already faced one and moving forward with a beaming smile. No one is to judge the choice of others as we each live our own life.