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02 Oct 2020 02:06:00

Nishabdham Movie Review: Stay tuned to unwrap the thrills

Nishabdham is a murder-mystery thriller, directed by Hemant Madhukar and produced by Kona Venkat. Starring Anushka Shetty as a deaf and dumb girl is now streaming on Amazon Prime.
Yagna Namburi

Updated: October 02, 2020 14:15 IST

Rating : 3/5

Nishabdham Movie Story:

The movie opens narrating the story of a haunted house, where a couple gets murdered in the late 19s in Seattle. In the present, the newly engaged couple, Anthony(Madhavan), who is a famous cello player, and Sakshi(Anushka), who is a deaf and dumb artist, grew up in an orphanage, visits the house to fetch a painting. Anthony dies in the haunted house as Sakshi manages to escape wounded severely.

The local PD takes up the case where Maha(Anjali) is a detective, and Richard Dickens(Michael Madsen) is the captain. The local PD parallelly works on a case where a couple of girls from Seattle are missing. While investigating the case, Maha finds a new loop in the case after it is closed in the account of a ghost, a very close friend of Sakshi, Sonali(Shalini Pandey), is missing as well. Maha eventually suspects Richard and wraps up the case killing him.
Vivek(Subbaraju), a close friend of Sakshi and boyfriend of Sonali, plays a prominent role in this giant loop. The questions, Who murdered Anthony? Is it the ghost or a person? Who kidnapped Sonali? Is she dead or alive? How the missing girls' case interlinked to this murder? make the movie worth watching.

Nishabdham Movie Performances:

Anushka did a remarkable performance playing the role of a deaf and dumb girl and carried the essence of her role throughout the movie. She did a splendid job portraying the strength of an independent female.

Madhavan, as a Cello player and as a wounded husband, justified his character. He conveyed the variations of his role pretty smoothing without a drift.
Anjali was well suited for the role of a PD detective. She balanced her glamour and acting in a pretty unique way.
Shalini Pandey and Subbaraju, though they have less screen time, they made the most of it and captured the attention seamlessly.

Nishabdham Movie Technicalities:

In 2013, Hemant Madhukar saw the dialogue-less film Pushpaka Vimana (1987) and developed a desire to make a similar dialogue-less thriller. He wondered: "What if the protagonist is hearing and speech impaired and has to communicate through sign language?" After a long gap, Madhukar gave the script to Kona Venkat, who developed it into a screenplay. Venkat felt it had the potential to be an international project and included dialogues. Hence the movie is released in three languages Telugu, Tamil, and English.

The filming took place predominantly in the United States, with a 60-day long schedule in Seattle. The international actors spoke their lines in English.
The film's music was composed by Gopi Sundar, whereas Bhaskarabhatla, Sreejo, Krishna Kanth, and Ramajogayya Sastry wrote the Telugu version of the songs.

Nishabdham Movie Verdict:

Nishabdham being a murder-mystery thriller grabs your attention and excites you till the very end. The standards of the movie are maintained consistently. Any mystery lover will stick to the end, enjoying the twists and twerks offered by the film.