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Orey Bujjiga

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02 Oct 2020 02:44:00

Orey Bujjiga Movie Review: A rom-com with taking off from a rumor

Orey Bujjiga is a romantic comedy-drama directed by Vijay Kumar Konda and Produced by K. K. Radhamohan. The film stars Raj Tarun and Malavika Nair in lead roles and Hebah Patel in a supporting role.
Yagna Namburi

Updated: October 02, 2020 17:50 IST

Rating : 2.5/5

Orey Bujjiga Movie Story:

The movie takes off with a situation where Bujji(Raj Tarun) and Krishnaveni(Malavika) escapes from their respective homes, meet on the train, and exchange different names as Swathi and Srinivas(Bujji is his nickname). Krishnaveni doesn't want to marry her brother-in-law, whereas Bujji has to meet his girlfriend in Hyderabad. Unfortunately, a rumor spreads in their whole village, Nidudavolu that, both Bujji and Krishnaveni are in love and eloped to Chennai. Krishnaveni's mother, Chamundeshwari, hurts Bujji's family financially. In the meanwhile, Bujji, and Krishnaveni unknown of the situation, develops a good friendship. Hebah Patel breaks up with Bujji, and he soon realizes that he is in love with Krishnaveni. Bujji comes to know that she is the girl who ran away from town as well and that she hates him. However, the screenplay was a bit lag and tested the patience of the audience.

The questions like Will Bujji reveal the truth to Krishnaveni? Will Krishnaveni accept him even after knowing that he is Bujji? How will Bujji set things straight? does build the rest of the story making the movie worth watching.

Orey Bujjiga Movie Performances:

Raj Tarun, with his boy next door personality for sure, did his job without complaints. He improved his acting skills visibly compared to his old project.

Speaking of Malavika Nair, the female lead role, she filled the movie with her homely and glamour combination. She managed to do justice to the character she was given and didn't lack in her acting skills.
Hebah Patel's screen time is pretty lean, but, with her bubbly action, she grabbed some attention without fail.
Posani Murali Krishna and Naresh in the parent roles of the lead roles made the film a whole.
Vani Viswanath played a mother role for Malavika Nair. She, with her powerful combined with glamours attire, turned few eyes towards her.

Orey Bujjiga Movie Technicalities:

The film is a romantic comedy starring Raj Tarun, Hebah Patel, and Malavika Nair, which is directed by Vijay Kumar Konda and produced by K. K. Radhamohan. Anup Rubens tuned the music.

The camera work is good, and the background tracks are well suited for the scenes. Yet, the songs are not very catchy and forgettable and are not a big score for the movie.

Orey Bujjiga Movie Verdict:

The length of the movie tests the patience of the audience. The plot is very predictable and cliched. Apart from a few comic segments that overstay their welcome, the lack of depth to some of the characters makes the film disappointing. The movie lacked any twits and turns, which makes it hard for the audience to sit to the end. The songs are unnoticeable. The positive points of the movie are, it brought in some new comedy and portrayed well how and what a rumor can lead stories.