Awe! Box Office Collection


Awe! Box Office Collection

U/A Telugu


16th Feb 2018 01:55:00

1.58 cr

6 Days WW Share


Awe! is a set of seven stories played by different artists who are connected to each other by a common factor. How are they connected to each other and how does it affect their lives individually forms the crux of the story.

Cast & Crew

Awe! Box Office Collection - Day wise Breakup, Region wise, Worldwide, Overseas

Day Wise Breakup (INR)

Days AP/TS India Overseas Worldwide
Premiers 32.34 lacs 32.34 lacs
day1 90.00 lacs 90.00 lacs 36.03 lacs 1.26 cr

Region Wise Breakup (INR)

Territory 1st Day 1st Weekend 1st Week Full Run
Nizam 38.00 lacs 1.10 cr 1.27 cr
Ceeded 9.00 lacs 22.00 lacs 29.00 lacs
Uttarandhra 11.00 lacs 31.00 lacs 39.00 lacs
Guntur 8.00 lacs 21.00 lacs 26.00 lacs
East Godavari 7.00 lacs 22.00 lacs 25.00 lacs
West Godavari 6.00 lacs 23.00 lacs 22.00 lacs
Krishna 9.00 lacs 25.00 lacs 28.00 lacs
Nellore 2.00 lacs 6.00 lacs 7.00 lacs
AP/TS 90.00 lacs 2.60 cr 90.00 lacs
Karnataka 42.00 lacs
Rest Of India
India 90.00 lacs 2.60 cr 90.00 lacs
United States 68.37 lacs 1.48 cr 2.17 cr
Rest Of World
Overseas 68.37 lacs 1.48 cr 68.37 lacs
Worldwide 1.58 cr 4.08 cr 1.58 cr

USA Gross Detailed Breakup (USD)

Territory Premiers 1st Day 1st Weekend 1st Week Full Run
United States $126,400 $578,352 $849,928 $849,928

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