Anubhavinchu Raja Movie Review


Anubhavinchu Raja Movie Review


Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama Comedy Romance

Release Date: 26 Nov 2021

Runtime: 00:00:00

Anubhavinchu Raja Movie Cast & Crew


Anubhavinchu Raju Movie Review - Annoyingly Outdated

Anubhavinchu Raju Movie Review - Annoyingly Outdated
Raj Tharun has been eagerly waiting for a commercial box office super hit. He seemed confident about his latest outing Anubhavinchu Raja. The film released in theatres today. Let us see what it has to
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Updated: November 27, 2021 13:29 IST

Rating : 1.5/5

Anubhavinchu Raja Review - Story

Raju (Raj Tharun) is a spoilt brat who is forced out of his village after a simple trickery orchestrated by him results in the death of his villager. He then moves to Hyderabad and then meets Sruthi (Kashish). Following a mishap, the duo falls in love with each other. Soon after, things go south as Raju gets caught in turmoil related to the power struggle in his native village. Can Raju overhaul this challenge?

Anubhavinchu Raja Review - Analysis

All his career, Raj Tharun has been playing typical happy-go-lucky lad roles and he does the same with Anubhavinchu Raja now. But much like his previous duds, this film has nothing new to offer and it ends up as a bore-fest.

The story is very formulaic and it has no novelty. The viewer can easily guess what is about to happen next. The love track between the lead pair looks forced and there is no real emotion attached to it. The protagonist running for the village president role and his silly antics to land the posting form the narrative in the latter half and they are outright bland.
Anubhavinchu Raja is a rehash of Raj Tharun’s previous sit-coms and it is annoyingly outdated. There are a few comedy sequences featuring Raj Tharun and Sudharshan in the opening half and they tickle the funny bone. But they are largely outnumbered by the illogical and silly scenes.
The conflict point is barely existent. The antagonist character is a poor writer. Aadukkulam Naren’s best efforts to breathe life into the antagonist character go in vain. Ajay is wasted. Raj Tharun is in familiar territory as he plays a stereotypical character. Kashish performs well.
The director Srinivas Gavireddy picks a routine plot and tries to infuse entertainment into it. But the comedy track simply doesn’t work. The climax is rushed and the audience walks out on a rather dull note.

Anubhavinchu Raja Review - Verdict

Anubhavinchu Raja is a rehash of Raj Tharun’s previous films and it has nothing novel to offer to the viewers. Barring a couple of slapstick comedy scenes in the opening half, the film is a slugfest. The poor and insipid screenplay is to be blamed here.