Asuran Movie Review


Asuran Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Tamil

Genre: Action Drama

Release Date: 04 Oct 2019

Runtime: 02:20:00

Asuran Movie Cast & Crew


Asuran Movie Review

Asuran movie review: Dhanush and Vetrimaaran has a winner on hands.
Aravind Peesapati

Updated: October 04, 2019 15:08 IST

Rating : 3.5/5

Asuran Movie Story:

Sivasamy (Dhanush) is a doting father to Murugan (Teejay) and Chidambaram (Ken Karunaas). They belong to an underprivileged community and are used to being oppressed by the upper caste people in the village. Chidambaram commits a murder and along with Sivasamy, they go into hiding.

What happened to Chidambaram and why did a little boy kill a bigshot in the village? Vetri Maaran has taken a simple revenge story and has added his own trademark twist in telling the story of Sivasamy.

Asuran Movie Performances:

Dhanush is the soul of Asuran as he has proved himself as one of the best actors with his film as well. His eyes speak a thousand words and Asuran is a testament to the statement.

Manju Warrier makes her Tamil debut with Asuran and her performance is effortless. As a clever Pachaiyammal, she was fierce yet brought her naive self into the character she was portraying.

Ken Karunas as Sivasamy's younger son Chidambaram has given a great performance. His revenge attitude with a child-like character blends well and doesn't make us question about his deeds.

Asuran is a great debut for newcomer Teejay Arunasalam who played the role of Murugan. He played the character who questions the system and tries to rise above it.

Pasupathi, Prakash Raj and Aadukalam Naren have brought a lot of nativity into their character and they're a perfect addition to the cast of Asuran.

Asuran Movie Positives:

Director Vetrimaaran has taken a simple storyline and has developed unique characters around their world. Asuran is a simple revenge story, but the depth in every character is exceptionally done well.

The strength of Asuran lies in the characterisation of Dhanush, Manju Warrier, Teejay. Also, he has given well-rounded characters to Prakash Raj, Pasupathi, Aadukalam Naren and the actors who played Naren's son and Dhanush's brother.

Cinematography by Velraj is exceptional and each frame shows us the story of the people living in a remote village in Tirunelveli. The landscape of the village is shown well.

Asuran's hero is GV Prakash's scintillating music and background score. The song 'Vaa Asura' is exceptional and adds a lot of depth to the sequences in which it was played.

Asuran Movie Negatives:

Vetrimaaran is a director known for his perfect attitude. However, there was a lot of lip-sync issues in the first half which was a major letdown. It is a huge issue when it comes to a director like him.

The flashback sequences ran for a good 30 minutes. It could have been cut short a little as it gave us a feeling that it was a bit elongated than it should be.

Asuran Movie Verdict:

Asuran is a solid entertainer from Vetrimaaran and Dhanush's combination. With minor flaws, the film keeps you hooked throughout the story and makes you expect more from the upcoming scenes.