Chhichhore Movie Review


Chhichhore Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama Comedy Romance

Release Date: 06 Sep 2019

Runtime: 02:26:00

Chhichhore Movie Cast & Crew


Chhichhore Movie Review

Chhichhore Movie Review
Aravind Peesapati

Updated: September 06, 2019 15:37 IST

Rating : 3.5/5

Chhichhore Movie Tagline:

These Chichhores are entertaining!

Chhichhore Movie Summary:

Chhichhore starts off with Sushant Singh Rajput who he breaks down as his Son battles for life in a hospital. His son Raghav, is fighting between life and death in the hospital after he attempts suicide as he failed to crack the engineering entrance exam. Sushanth regroups with all his old friends after decades remembering nostalgia trip reminiscing their college days, hoping their bittersweet memories will help save his son, who has lost all will to live. The movie takes off with a dialogue ‘We all have our plans ready for the journey after being successful at something. But nobody ever talks about how to deal with failures,' says Ani (Sushant Singh Rajput). The plot revolves around the life of seven friends who reunite after many years in times of crisis.

Chhichhore Movie Performances:

Sushanth Singh Rajput as young Anni has given yet another memorable performance, He brilliant with his timing and effortlessly shouldered the film. Though he seems little comfortable as older Anirudh nevertheless he did a neat job.

Shraddha Kapoor looks pretty in her retro look but somehow her character seems to be written loosely. Her screen presence is felt each time she’s in the frame and she shared good chemistry with Sushanth.

Prateik Babbar has delivered a solid performance as a baddie in college. He could have been given a little more screen time.

Once again Varun Sharma steals the show in many of the scenes with his brilliant comedy timing. With his unique body language to pitch-perfect dialogue delivery, he is great value addition to the movie.

Naveen Polishetty, Tushar Pandey and Saharsh Singh also enhance the film with their likeable performances.

Chhichhore Movie Positives:

With brilliant writing loaded with comedy punches, one-liners and some genuinely funny jokes make Chhichhore an enjoyable film.

Performances are great value addition to the movie

Though the story is simple, Director Nitesh Tiwari made an intelligent move to narrate the flashback sequences into the present day and keep audiences hooked to the film.

Chhichhore is a riot of emotions, which are dealt sensibly the film takes you on a nostalgic ride with an engaging narrative and flashback sequences.

Pritam’s music and background score by Sameer Uddin perfectly suits the mood of the film does and beautifully blends with the narrative.

Chhichhore Movie Negatives:

On the flip side, Chhichhore screenplay is flat and is mostly predictable at times.

Though the film tries to be genuinely original it has a 'Three Idiots' hangover all over it.

Lengthy runtime of almost two and a half hours is another drawback of Chhichhore, the pace lags in the second half.

Chhichhore Movie Verdict:

Chhichhore is a riot of emotions, which are dealt sensibly the film takes you on a nostalgic ride with an engaging narrative and flashback sequences. On whole, it is a heart-warming story of college, friendship, romance, fun and the nostalgia told in a humorous & emotional way. Watch it for its uncomplicated screenplay, gripping narrative and some stellar performances.