Comali Movie Review

Comali Movie Review

Certificate: U

Language: Tamil

Genre: Drama Comedy

Release Date: 15 Aug 2019

Runtime: 02:53:00


Comali Tamil Movie Review

Xappie Desk

Updated: August 15, 2019 14:31 IST

Rating : 2.5/5

Comali Movie Tagline:

Comali review: Jayam Ravi makes us laugh and takes us back to the 90s

Comali Movie Story:

Ravi (Jayam Ravi) is a person who loses his memory after he meets with a terrible accident in the year 1996. He has been in a coma for over a decade and in the present day, he finally regains consciousness. His friend (played by Yogi Babu) and his friends try to help him.

Ravi finally lands in a job where he finds a statue that belongs to his family. However, an MLA (KS Ravikumar) claims it is his statue. The rest of the film follows who gets the statue.

Comali Movie Performances:

Jayam Ravi is completely in his element and it looks like he had maximum fun in doing the film. His snarky comments and comedy one-liners have worked well and have brought out fun moments.

Kajal Aggarwal, for a change, is not seen as a cute and bubbly heroine. She has a significant role to play and has done a neat job in performing her character with ease.

KS Ravikumar as the film's villain is an apt choice for the role as he has effortlessly pulled off his character with ease.

Yogi Babu has literally made the audience laugh with his hilarious one-liners. After a series of underwhelming roles, this film has once again brought out a genuinely funny side of the actor.

Comali Movie Positives:

Director Pradeep Ranganathan has done a wonderful job in writing the screenplay of Comali with so many references to Chennai and the 90s kids. It evokes a sense of nostalgia with humor.

For those who have lived in Chennai throughout their life, it'll remind you of how the city and the people have evolved for the good and bad.

When messages such as encroachment, heavy IT workload, and destruction of water bodies are told in a funny manner, it hits you hard and makes you realize how you've exploited the city.

Hip Hop Tamizha's music which is usually peppy in nature has complimented the quirky moments well. His background score and songs have aided well in the making.

Comali Movie Negatives:

While the first half of Comali is a laughter riot, it gets melodramatic in the second half, which is a huge disappointment. Suddenly, Ravi starts preaching how to lead a life and stuff.

The humour in Comali is mostly engaging and evokes laughter. However, there are also some sleazy dialogues about men ogling at women, which could have been avoided.

Comali Movie Verdict:

Comali is a fun film that subtly reminds you of how every citizen has exploited mother Earth and also reminds of how simple life was in the 90s. Apart from the melodramatic sequences, Comali is a neat entertainer that you will definitely enjoy.