Devadas Movie Review


Devadas Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Telugu

Genre: Action Drama Comedy

Release Date: 27 Sep 2018

Runtime: 02:44:00

Devadas Movie Cast & Crew

  1. Akkineni Nagarjuna

    Lead Actor

  2. Ashwini Dutt


  3. Rao Ramesh


  4. Nani

    Lead Actor

  5. Rashmika Mandanna

    Lead Actress

  6. Aakanksha Singh

    Lead Actress

  7. Kunal Kapoor


  8. Srinivas Avasarala


  9. Sriram Aditya


  10. Mani Sharma

    Music Director

  11. Shamdat


  12. Prawin Pudi


  13. Vyjayanthi Movies

    Production House


DevDas Movie Review : Just Nagarjuna’s charm wasn't enough to pull this film

DevDas Movie Review : Just Nagarjuna’s charm wasn't enough to pull this film
Xappie Desk

Updated: October 05, 2018 00:06 IST

Rating : 2.5/5

Devadas Story

Grove worthy songs, a few jaw dropping action scenes, some heartwarming romantic scenes, some heroic swag doesn’t define cinematic experience. There is an inexplicable feeling that drives the three hour of cinematic journey, a salubrious one. The multi starrer that released today had all the mass entertainer elements but did it have a stirring escapade? Well, read and decide for yourself. It was no brainer to understand DevaDas is a story of two contrast people making a perfect combo. While Deva (Nagarjuna) is a don with a history of gruesome crime under the apprenticeship of Dada, Sharath Kumar, Who adopts Deva as his son. On the other hand, Das (Nani) is a poindexter doctor, ambitious in his own right. All the sophisticated business goons with vengeance against Dada and Deva form a syndicate to hunt down Deva while the cops too are on a chase for Deva. As it is expected, Deva and Das have a face to face encounter after a scrimmage, where hurt Deva visits Das to get the bullet removed. The gold medalist in MS Das finds a friend in Deva despite being two being people of stark disparity in the personalities and professions. Their accidental camaraderie turns into subtle bromance where they share drinks and secrets. While Das helps change Deva chasten himself from the killings and wrongdoings and also find love in Jahnavi played by Aakansha Singh, Deva helps Das succeed in the test of times at his hospital. Pooja played by Rashmika Mandanna dons an interesting role, giving us a refreshing respite from unending action scenes. Of course, like any other Telugu movie, the role of heroines, where one plays a police officer and another plays a senior journalist is not significant enough. Their roles confine to adding the glamour element to the movie and of course not to forget that there can’t be songs without actresses grooving in couture clothes at exotic locales. The movie has abundance of witty comedy, visually appealing locations, high end style quotient in terms of costume but is deficient of coherent plot and screen play. It might entertain you but won’t offer anything beyond just momentary entertainment. After a point, even that little portion of fun gets diluted. The songs are quite good but to an extent that you will keep humming it. The cinematography is relatively better. Coming to the act, Nani was at his best at a few places while Nag was his usual self, a charmer. Well, we have seen that Nag in every film with just different names and roles. Rashmika and Akansha have tiny roles but they tried their best to make it look significant. Both of them looks appealing in their own way. Sometimes it was fun to see dainty Police officer in Rashmika was her efforts to pull it off is praise worthy. The director Sriram Aditya T did have a vision but seemed quite distracted with direction.

Devadas Positives

Although Nani was on the posters, this is absolutely a Nagarjuna’s film. Nagarjuna’s introduction was impressive - flaunting his six packs confidently. There was no moment where he disappoints. Reminding us of his prime Mass, Bhai, Don days Nani was underwhelming in the first half. With some teary emotional scenes in the second, he gains his momentum back Kunal Kapoor, Naresh, Murali Sharma were decent in their roles Rashmika after Geetha Govindam has very little to do in this film although she has a critical role - Director to be blamed here. Akanksha singh looked gorgeous and performed well Nani & Nagarjuna paired well pulling off a tactfully warm relationship. No i wouldn't call it a bromance at all, Nag was too dominant to call it so Songs & BGM were fantastic. If there is a winner in this whole trail , it is undoubtedly Mani Sharma

Devadas Negatives

All the best scenes were shown in the trailers. Chemistry between the lead heroes must have made it a hit but that didn't work either Everyone falls in love with heroine in the first look - same happens in Devadas too. Not for one but for both men,meh Guns have been taken for granted. They use them like they we use mobiles, so much so that in one scene a character does a car chase straight after 2 bullets in chest Audience expected lot of laughs but it was cut down to say a couple of them only Just Nagarjuna’s charm wasn't enough to pull this film. Second half makes you uncomfortable - unnecessary emotional scenes and patchy screenplay ruined it None of those twists & turns wow you - audience know all those tricks by heart

Devadas Bottom Line

What could've been an extraordinary film given its star cast, Devadas is just mildly entertaining that finally becomes an ordinary fable.