Gang Leader Movie Review

Gang Leader Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama Thriller Comedy

Release Date: 13 Sep 2019

Runtime: 02:35:00


Gang Leader Telugu Movie Review

Aravind Peesapati

Updated: September 13, 2019 08:14 IST

Rating : 2.75/5

Gang Leader Synopsis:

A bank robbery is planned by Six people, after successfully stealing 300crs in 20 minutes, the Sixth person (Driver) kills the other five and escapes from police. After 12 months, 4 helpless women and a small girl who are the family members of these 5 people killed gang up with Pencil Parthasarathy, the famous revenge writer to avenge their death. Who is the third person? how did fraud writer like Pencil help these women to take their revenge is rest of the story.

Gang Leader Performances:

Nani: Nani gave an entertaining performance as shameless fraud writer who copies from Hollywood films straight from their subtitles. His timing, expressions are hilarious in comedy scenes, watch out for his first scene with Lakshmi and Saranya. His Flirting scenes with Priyanka Mohan are cute and he excels in these scenes. Although, he does not look convincing in action episodes.

Lakshmi: Yesteryear actress Lakshmi is one of the best-supporting actresses we have seen in Telugu films. Her innocent performance and dialogues are sure to bring a smile on your face. She is one of the major highlights in the film.
Priyanka Mohan: Actress Priyanka makes a decent debut in the film as Nani’s Love interest. She is good looking and gives a pretty good performance in her first film. But her chemistry with Nani is cold.
Karthikeya: Karthikeya is seen in a negative role in the film, he looks rough and dialogue delivery is commanding. This is his best performance so far and he sure looks much convincing as Villain than a Lead Actor.
Other Supporting Cast: Among the other actors Saranya and the small girl who acted as Chinnu makes an impact. Vennala Kishore’s cameo in two scenes will bring many laughs in the auditorium.

Gang Leader Positives:

• Nani’s Comedy timing
• Lakshmi
• Anirudh’s Background Score
• Couple of fun moments in the first half.
• Interval Card
• Cinematography

Gang Leader Negatives:

• Lengthy Second Half
• Mediocre Direction
• Predictable and thin story line
• Flat narration
• Abrupt ending
• No emotional connect

Gang Leader Analysis:

Genre is the first word, that came to my mind after watching this film. We have comedy films, action films, thrillers, family drama and heist films. Gang Leader is one such film which tries to be every one of these genres and ends up neither. Film starts on a promising note with well picturized heist sequence with terrific background score. Then it turns in to an emotional film with 5 Women whooping their family members death. And then we have a comedy film with Nani’s entry and his entertaining conversations with two older women.

In pre interval, it tries to be a thriller film with not so convincing investigative scenes. In the second half, I gave up guessing the film’s genre as even the director doesn’t have any clue what kind of film he wanted to make. Finally, the film ends suddenly without any impact with a simple action sequence. At the end, makers touted this film as Revenge Drama, but in any revenge drama emotional connect is key to feel for the characters. This is entirely missing in the film.
I always liked Vikram Kumar films. They are no nonsense, straight screenplay-based stories with interesting mind games and racy narration. Except for his last film Hello, which was slightly similar to Gang Leader as it tries to be action thriller and lost and found love story at the same time. But comparatively, Hello leaves better impact than this film may be because of the good ending. Vikram tries to touch every genre to make an entertainer this time and completely lost his touch midway. There are no heart touching moments, memorable scenes, exciting sequences, interesting twists or thrills in this 165 Minutes long film unlike his previous works. This is undoubtedly his weakest work and his fans will be disappointed.
This doesn’t mean Gang Leader is a Bad film, it has its moments. Scenes between Nani and 5 women are good and entertaining. Interval card design is a pure genius of Vikram Kumar, this is the only scene where we can see his mark. Background score by Anirudh is terrific, Hoyna Hoyna song is picturized well. Cinematography is top notch, it made film look very rich in color and visuals.

Gang Leader Verdict:

Overall, Gang Leader is an aimless film which has some entertaining moments but ends up as a Flat Revenge Drama with no soul. It is a simple film without much brains, which itself is a downer for a Vikram Kumar film, who has great potential. Strictly Average.