Geetha Govindam Movie Review

Geetha Govindam Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Telugu

Genre: Comedy Romance

Release Date: 15 Aug 2018

Runtime: 02:28:00


Geetha Govindam Review

Xappie Desk

Updated: October 06, 2018 19:24 IST

Rating : 3.25/5

Geetha Govindam Story

Vijay Govindh (Vijay Devarakonda) plays a humble, morally responsible lecturer who believes and lives by his old school approach towards love, life and marriage. Story begins with Vijay narrating his love / hate relationship with Geetha (Rashmika Mandanna) and his current state of emotional turmoil, to a stranger he meets by accident (Special appearance by Nitya Menon) Misunderstood by one wrong move in his life, his life story revolves around the repercussions and the immediate troubles he gets into, in order to win Geetha’s love. What goes into the movies next is all about perceptions - How a perception formed on someone assembles or ruins a relationship is narrated to us by Parasuram. Positives: Its a Vijay Devarakonda movie all the way. Audience are sure to forget the aggressive Arjun Reddy and shower love on the submissive Vijay Govindh. He is effortlessly charming - conveys his emotions beautifully. Makes us laugh, empathize and love him and live him Rashmika did a decent job as a strong girl who isn't trapped with meaningless emotions. She does most of the talking with her eyes Vijay and Rashmika painted colors on the screen with their presence and chemistry, which makes the movie work For Parasuram, Geetha Govindam is undoubtedly the best in his career. He got his game on! Rahul Ramakrishna owns first half, while Vennela Kishore supersedes him in the second half. Both of them amuse us in their own parts and completely own the expertly paced comedy track Nagababu, Subbaraju, Annapurnamma etc filled into the character roles aptly Negatives: Editing seemed rough in the first 30 mns, leaving the audience uncomfortable and manages to improve later on. Apart from the hit song ‘Inkem Inkem Inkem kavale’ rest of the album was just okay. And let's not even talk about the Vijay Devarakonda’s song (what the what the F) & his dance moves Some might find it a bit monotonous, beating around the same point for over 2 hrs. Lack of a strong story, sub plots leaves us weary While some messages put across were sweet; you end up feeling that the director wanted to pull off a Koratala trying to give social messages to society which is odd for a rom-com.

Geetha Govindam Verdict

Hilarious comedy tracks that keep us chortling. Characters are enjoyable, movie is loveable. No one would go out of theatre unhappy. While TFI is heavily focusing on biographies,patriotic movies, thrillers etc - Geetha Govindam has an edge to win family audience. Go watch it with your family for some good fun.