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A holocaust in June,2013 was one of the biggest havoc in the decade that shook the world and left many families with irreplaceable loss.Director Abhishek Kapoor has used this as an underpin for his new film Kedarnath starring a debutante,Sara Ali Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput.The biggest challenge here is recreation of the same ruination and a credible one at that.

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Kedarnath Movie Review

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Kedarnath Tagline:

A good attempt

Kedarnath Story:

In this film, Mansoor Khan(Sushant Singh Rajput) is a baggage bearer and is well acquainted with the vicinity, it's traditions and rituals. He takes pride in bawling Lord Shiva's name and doesn't contain himself.
Nishant Dahiya, a youthful and quick tempered local priest, well learnt about how the society advocates welfare of Hindus, makes capital out of it for his business opportunities. He comes to learn about the affair of his betrothed, Mukku, with Mansoor and is infuriated.

Kedarnath Positives:

Tushar Kanti Ray's cinematography grabs all the aesthetic appeal of the mountains and rivers in their love story. For a first timer, Sara Ali Khan appears mighty confident and her anarchic manners will sweep you off your feet.
Sushant, in this film is an embodiment of this generation that doesn't place religion above all. He is spontaneous and endearing. Unlike a conventional hero,he is not looking forward to ripping his shirt off and showing his muscles off at every occasion. He understates emotions and that augments the gravity of the film.
Pooja Gor, Sara's elder sister accuses Sushant of pursuing her younger sister.Later, he tears up upon pondering about his social status. This is a note worthy difference from his usual laid back attitude. He brings essence to this film with his emotions and sometimes, even a lack of the same.

Kedarnath Verdict:

But with Amit Trivedi's music, Sushant and Sara's admirable work, the movie still lacks profundity. Abhishek Kapoor could have added a little more of fervour to it. The film could still enkindle some emotions.