Natyam Movie Review


Natyam Movie Review

Certificate: U

Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama Romance

Release Date: 22 Oct 2021

Runtime: 02:16:00

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Natyam Movie Review - Poorly Conceived Dance Film

Natyam Movie Review - Poorly Conceived Dance Film
Sandhya Raju, a noted classical dance proponent is making her debut as a lead actor with Natyam. The film hit the big screens today and here is our review of the film.
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Updated: October 22, 2021 18:22 IST

Rating : 1.5/5

Natyam Review - Story

Sithara (Sandhya Raju) aspires to perform the classical ‘Kidambari’ dance at her native place. Following a series of unforeseen incidents, Rohit (Kamal Kamaraju) devises a wicked plan to force Sithara out of the village. What follows later? Can Sithara perform the coveted ‘Kidambari’ dance like the way she’s been dreaming all her life?

Natyam Review - Analysis

Natyam is essentially a drama with a dance backdrop. It has been quite a while since Tollywood produced a dance-based film and that might add a layer of freshness to Natyam. Likewise, the film has a decent premise. But what goes awry is the screenplay. The film gets off to a rather slow start with the sequences pertaining to the establishment of the village set-up and the importance of the ‘Kidambari’ dance.

Sandhya looks gorgeous and she does particularly well in the dance episodes. She oozes class with her dance moves. But as far as acting goes, she could have done a better job. Her portrayal of the seemingly complex character is a tad sub-par. Kamal Kamaraju is okayish in the role of the antagonist. Adithya Menon as the dance guru delivers a fine performance.
Revanth Korukonda is making his directorial debut with Natyam. Apart from directing the film, he also handles the cinematography and also edits the film. He pens a story that has a good premise but this narrative is way off. The film progresses at a rather slow pace right from the opening exchanges. A couple of dance episodes are good but that is just about it. There isn’t a single praiseworthy sequence in the film apart from the said dance episodes.
The narration is way too convenient. The interlink between the village and the Kidmambari dance is artificial. The latter half is as bland as it can get. Shravan Bharadwaj’s music could be considered one of the very few positives of the film. His background score is impressive.

Natyam Review - Verdict

Natyam is a poorly conceived dance film that has very few things going it's way. It simply is a compilation of one pointless sequence following another. A couple of well-shot dance sequences are spread sparingly but they are largely outweighed by the logic-less scenes in both halves.