Photograph Movie Review


Photograph Movie Review


Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama Romance

Release Date: 15 Mar 2019

Runtime: 01:50:00

Photograph Movie Cast & Crew


Photograph Movie Review

Xappie Desk

Updated: March 15, 2019 21:13 IST

Rating : 3.5/5

Photograph Movie Tagline:

Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Sanya Malhotra mesmerize with an unusual love story

Photograph Movie Summary:

Six years after the celebrated film The Lunch Box, filmmaker Ritesh Batra is back with yet another subtle yet moving love story starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Sanya Malhotra.

While Rafi (Nawazuddin) is a street photographer, Miloni (Sanya) is an observant student. Rafi meets Miloni at the India Gate and urges her to take a photo in front of the monument. She obliged but leaves without paying him.

Meanwhile, Rafi’s grandma is pressurizing him to get married by finding a girl for himself. He thinks of Miloni and names her Noori. When the grandmother wants to meet the girl, Rafi manages to know Miloni’s whereabouts and convinces her to meet his grandmother. Will Rafi and Milioni end up together?

Photograph Movie Performances:

Nawazuddin Siddiqui has proved his mettle as an excellent actor and Photograph is no exception. He has literally lived the role of a street photographer and his eyes conveys a lot of expressions.

Sanya Malhotra, with her explosive performances in Dangal and Badhaai Ho, is back with yet another memorable performance. Though she’s a bit restrained at the start, she warms up to the film eventually.

Farruk Jafar as the funny grandmother is a live-wire. She brings lightness to the frame with her comic lines and her performances stop the audience from zoning out.

Photograph Movie Positives:

Filmmaker Ritesh Batra always makes it a point to show realistic and rooted live stories that are not overly complicated. Photograph movie is one such story which makes you think about a lot of things once the movie is over.

The audiences are all convinced to expect a happy ending to any given love story. But, Ritesh puts his own twist to the story and makes it interesting.

The incorporation of class barriers and practical difficulties faced by Rafi and Miloni are delightful to watch out for and they make us empathize with the characters on screen.

Ritesh should be complimented for making the best use of silence in this film. It is during these moments, Rafi and Miloni convey a lot of emotions.

Cinematography by Tim Gillis and Ben Kutchins transport is straight to Mumbai and the rawness is a witness in every single frame which looks like a picture perfect photograph.

Photograph Movie Negatives:

Photograph’s main disadvantage is its slow pace. The screenplay takes its sweet time and the audience needs the patience to sit through this unusual story.

Also, the story might be too simple to hold your attention. However, it has enough to impress the audience.

Photograph Movie Verdict:

Photograph movie is a poetic love story that deserves every bit of attention, love, and career. Watch out for the performances of Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Sanya Malhotra says our review.