Rangasthalam Telugu Movie Movie Review

Rangasthalam Telugu Movie Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 30 Mar 2018

Runtime: 02:59:00


Rangasthalam Movie Review

Xappie Desk

Updated: October 16, 2018 22:19 IST

Rating : 4/5

Rangasthalam Telugu Movie

*Finally Chitti Babu on screen, The Sound Engineer of Rangasthalam.
*15 mins into movie- with a nuanced director like Sukumar who pays attention to detail, the frames leaves the audience enchanted and his presentation takes you back in time.
*President garu of Rangasthalam, Jagapathi Babu character introduction looks very Intriguing and Emotional.
*Time for First song Ranga Ranga Rangasthalana ... There's perhaps no better way to explore the cultural landscape of Village than through its folk song and dance ...very balanced choreography to match the backdrop and satisfy Charan fans ...great job by Devi thumping number.
*Though few characters are introduced main plot is not yet revealed....situational comedy works big time ...Charan nailed it in Godavari slang.
*Yenthasakaga unnave song, is a slice of Sukumar’s majestic craftsmanship ....Charan is just adorable and Samanth just killed it .
*Charan ease of acting is so adorable we can only see chitti babu ....The better characters you have in story, the more effective will be the movie, Jagapathi Babu role is one such character in the movie he is extremely good.
*Rangama mangamma song time and this song is also picturised beautifully ...all three sogs are just fantastic on screen.
*Here comes the conflict point but main plot is not yet revealed ...Sukumar is taking his own course of time to set the premise.
*Interval time : As we said Premise is beautifully set and interval episode makes it more interesting ...Good First half with very impactful characters we don’t want to reveal much ....all I can say is Terrific Writing and acting.
*Second Half Started : This why we call Sukumar a master story teller....The way story is getting unfold in second half is too good I hope he Just goes with the same slow.
*Though it’s Chitti Babu show all the way Rangasthalam is not just about the chitti babu..It’s a story where every supporting character is taking the story forward. Adhi Pinisetty makes plot more interesting.
*Film slowed down a bit, length is only little concern for me now.
*Here comes the crowd pleasing song Jigeli Rani ....Charan is killing it with free flow energy this is crazy dance number for Charan as well ...Pooja hedge is adequate.
*Sukumar preserves the un-conventional elements of masala movie and employs raw unhampered violence for key episode in the movie not sure how this goes with everyone.
*Oh boy Charan, you've left me speechless.... terrific what a performance.
*Now with an insipid narrative and relentless exaltation of emotions...movie is getting dragged little before pre climax.
*Climax: Spine chilling ..,The sequences at the end of the film will stay with you for a very long time. Climax has a twist which is good.
*Ram Charan breathes life into the character of Chitti Babu he’s fascinating from start to end which makes it hard to look at anyone or anything else when he’s on the screen.