Zero Movie Review

Zero Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama Romance

Release Date: 21 Dec 2018

Runtime: 02:44:00


Zero Movie Review

Xappie Desk

Updated: December 21, 2018 15:54 IST

Rating : 1.5/5

Zero Punch Line:

The movie stays at Zero

Zero Overview:

There are movies that stimulate your thoughts, there are movies that makes you look for tissues to wipe your tears and then there are movies that numbs your brain and sensibilities. Shahrukh Khan’s Zero falls into the latter category. You will come out wondering, “What just happened!”

If there is something intact, it was Shah Rukh Khan’s charisma. SRK and charisma are in such harmony, even the most loyal of critics agree that he has a quirky way of developing smiles among people.

In Zero, you will discover that it's hard to stop grinning at SRK's Bauua Singh. This partially blames his adroit performance and also Hemanshu Sharma's comical screenplay. Well, that’s just 0.1% of the film. The rest of the screenplay looks quite arbitrary.

Zero Story:

The tale begins in Meerut, Bauua's birth town. Where he has a paucity of physical form, but Bauua’s confidence and attitude stands way tall. He is energetic and friendly. The movie begins with him in (full size) fighting goons and saving a damsel in distress and the goon is none other is Father. His enemy is the movie is his father, who he blames for having Ghutka, which instead meddled with his sperms, thus resulting in stalling of growth.

Bauua does nothing but generously misuses his father’s money. He is the city's dearest, but develops infatuation on a Bollywood actress Babita kumari(Katrina). A few scenes will remind you of Gaurav from the movie Fan. He worships the actress so much that he travels places to have a glimpse of her.

Then through a matrimonial portal, he meets a differently abled space scientist Aafia Bhinder, who is a Half Afghan and Half punjabi. They even show in one of the scenes that she can speak both Punjabi and Afghani effortlessly. She steadily falls in love. Well, she is a scientist who is responsible of discovering the water in Mars but falls for a guy, who plays filmy tactics to woo her. Bauua is stuck between the two and who he choses, how and why and what happens after he realises who he loves forms the rest of the film.

Zero Performance:

Anuskha gives an earnest and heartfelt performance as Aafia and tribute to her for choosing a peculiar role time and again. It was sometimes uncomfortable to see her lurcher but she does manage to pull it off.

Zero sails smooth in the first half with comedy and feel-good moments. Although there are too many flaws in the storyline. Bauua's tenacious ambition, though takes him from Meerut to Mumbai, from Aafia to Babita Kumari keeps the momentum going.

In Mumbai, he plays his tricks and gets closer to the world of films and stars.
Kudos to Katrina's whole-hearted performance as an emotionally fickle but dauntless actress. It is by far her best performance. She's classy, seductive and unscathed, and yet is extremely vulnerable. She tries to nurse her broken heart by indulging in alcohol.

Katrina performs complex scenes effortlessly and almost makes you forget you're watching someone who has been criticized for her acting skills throughtout her career.

Bauua's determined expiditon eventually takes him from a small town to the mars and even get lost in the space for 15 years. Despite having cameos of stars, charming and unerring performances by the actors in the film, the film falls flat in the second half and after a point, the movie gets sleep inducing and makes it sound and look imbecile.

Zero Bottom line:

This is certainly not the Aanand L Rai film, we all love and enjoy. This is surely not the director’s best piece of work. Well, it’s been a while we saw SRK deliver a hit and looks like we have just got to hope for now.