Sardar Ka Grandson movie Review

Sardar Ka Grandson Movie Review

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Age: 13+

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama

Streaming Date: 18 May 2021

Duration: 02:19:00


Sardar Ka Grandson Review

Arjun Kapoor and Neena Gupta starrer Sardar Ka Grandson movie will entertain you but only in parts
Saumya Bansal

Updated: May 18, 2021 20:40 IST

Rating : 3/5

Sardar Ka Grandson Plot:

Fondly known as Sardar, a 90-year old matriarch (Neena Gupta) calls her grandson Amreek Singh (Arjun Kapoor) to fulfill her last dying wish -- to revisit the house she in her young time (Aditi Rao Hydari) built with her beloved husband (John Abraham). However, the wish is not as simple since the premise she built is situated in Lahore, Pakistan.

Sardar Ka Grandson Analysis:

Sardar Ka Grandson is a film about love. The kind of love that's pure and is always around us but mostly left unseen. The extent to which a grandson is ready to go to fulfill one wish of his grandparent has not attracted much attention to storytelling before. Sadly, this one too, with an almost promising script, fails to connect to you for a lot of reasons.

For one, the amateur acting by none other than Arjun Kapoor. He manages to do yet another film with his 'sleepy face' on. From the time he's shown to be madly in love with his fiance and business partner Radha (Rakul Preet), to parts where he's fighting with her, not a single microscopic expression could be seen on his face. Followed by him are John Abraham and Rakul Preet who manage to do nothing different than the roles they've played earlier. Even though the director has tried hard to keep the presentation of the film likable, with the whole time-travel storytelling and jumpy comic scenes in the middle, it falls flat on the ground when it comes to connecting with the audience.
As for the dysfunctional family drama, it felt way too unnecessary and repetitive. The peppy background score which films play every time a sardar pops up on screen, has this film playing it on loop for all the forced up comic scenes. The film also lacks elements of surprise and gets too predictable in the end.

Sardar Ka Grandson Verdict:

For her acting, Aditi Rao, will instantly catch your attention with the role of young Neena Gupta. The way she has copied her dialect and accent, is worth praising. Neena Gupta as usual gives a stellar performance in her role as Sardar. Her bond with her grandson Amreek and the sweet moments they share is something the film thrives on and it successfully manages to deliver, even though in bits and pieces. The pre-independence shots between Aditi and John are refreshing too.

Sardar Ka Grandson Verdict:

With the ongoing pandemic in sight, films like Sardar Ka Grandson can be marked as a gentle reminder of how important it is to celebrate each and every moment with the people around us. Having said that, even though the story looked promising, its sloppy direction left the emotional connect halfway and tried dragging the rest of the film which is mostly yawn-inducing. It's only for the concept and the fact that you can watch the film with your whole family without having any awkward moments, the film still lands in the 'one-time-watch' category.