KGF Chapter 2 Movie Review


KGF Chapter 2 Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Kannada

Genre: Action Drama Period

Release Date: 14 Apr 2022

Runtime: 02:48:00

KGF Chapter 2 Movie Cast & Crew


KGF 2 Movie Review - Action, Action, More Action

KGF 2 Movie Review - Action, Action, More Action
The sophomore outing from the KGF franchise, KGF 2 has hit theatres worldwide today. The film is touted to be a proper action thriller which revolves around the platform set by the first part. Here’s
Sathvik SV

Updated: May 16, 2022 12:54 IST

Rating : 3/5

KGF Chapter 2 Review - Story

Rocky Bhai (Yash) faces his biggest challenge this far as he stakes his claim at the KGF throne following the assassination of Garuda. This time around, he has to take on Adheera ( Sanjay Dutt) and Ramika Sen (Raveena Tandon) who are hell-bent on dethroning him and throwing him to the vultures. Can Rocky stand up and win against all odds? If so, how?

KGF Chapter 2 Review - Analysis

KGF 2 is an overdose of action, action, and even more action. The film’s premise has great scope for standout action sequences and the director Prashanth Neel makes the most of the same as the roles out a mass feast that caters to the galleries. The film is a compilation of one heavy-duty hero-elevation block after another.

To start, the challenges Rocky Bhai faces in the second installment are much bigger than compared in the first part. There is this extended female lead thread as well, which adds to the drama quotient. The protagonist-antagonist thread in the opening half is good. Yash’s entry block is by far one of the very best entry blocks for any Indian fictional hero now.
Ravi Basrur should be regarded as one of the main heroes of the film. We can’t even imagine a few scenes without his truly magnificent background score. This man deserves a pat on his back for what he has done. The cinematography by Bhuvan Gowda is praise-worthy as well. The film delivers big time on the technical front.
Prashanth Neel’s intentions are clear right from the outset. He set out on a mission to narrate the tale of India’s biggest criminal (obviously fictional) - Rocky Bhai in the most appealing way possible with as many elevation blocks as needed and he delivers big on this front.
The real story unfolds in the latter half as the Ramika Sen threat sets in. This works out well for the film and it fuels the narrative. One might feel that the Rocky-Adheera track gets monotonous and gets repetitive beyond a point. This is when the steam goes off a bit. But the adrenaline-pumping ending more than makes up for it. That said, excessive action is not for everyone.
KGF 2 has a few shortcomings like excessive action and repetitive Adheera track but the stellar ending and the lead scenes to KGF Chapter 3 end the film on a high which is very much needed for an action thriller. There is an overwhelming implication that there is scope for KGF 3, which is more than likely to happen.