Software Sudheer Movie Review


Software Sudheer Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama Romance

Release Date: 28 Dec 2019

Runtime: 02:05:00

Software Sudheer Movie Cast & Crew


Software Sudheer Movie Review

Software Sudheer Movie Review: Sudigali Sudheer's movie works well in parts.
Aravind Peesapati

Updated: December 28, 2019 20:42 IST

Rating : 2/5

Software Sudheer Movie Story:

Chandu (Sudigali Sudheer) is a happy software engineer who falls in love with Swathi (Dhanya Balakrishna). They decide to take their relationship to their next level and get married. But, destiny has different plans for them as they find out that Chandu has a problem with his horoscope.
According to his horoscope, he can get killed at any moment. Trying to change their fate, Chandu meets Swamiji who suggests doing a special pooja. But, he also gets involved in a scam featuring a minister. How do they escape the issue and live happily form the rest of the story?

Software Sudheer Movie Performance:

Sudigali Sudheer rose to fame with his stint in Jabardasth. Now, with this film, he makes a great debut as an actor. He has a great screen presence and also impresses people with his dancing skills.
Dhanya Balakrishna is not new to cinema and when she performs in a film, she makes sure to bring it some authenticity. In the film, she has gotten a decent role and performed it with much conviction.
Indraja essays Sudheer's mother and she has done a fair job in playing her role to perfection. The supporting cast did their best to save the film to a great extent.

Software Sudheer Movie Positives:

The first half of Software Sudheer has some interesting moments that hold the attention of the audience. Also, director P Rajasekhar Reddy has woven a story with several interesting scenes that are realistic.
The director has done an interesting job in connecting the astrology factor with the film's conflict. It doesn't look forced and that's the advantage of a film like Software Sudheer.
The production values of Software Sudheer look exceptional and it is why the film looks decent on the big screen. Especially the Swamiji setup turned out to be one of the interesting sequences.
Composer Bheems has done a decent job in scoring the music for the film. Apart from the songs, the background music to is decent.

Software Sudheer Movie Negatives:

While the director built up the story in the first half, it is the second half that is a huge letdown. Most of the scenes in the second half don't add value to the film and hence you feel bored.
Since comedy is Sudheer's forte, it is quite natural for the audience to expect some rollicking comedy sequences in the film. However, it is missing and even the little comedy that is showcased is sub-par.
The filmmaker concentrated much in establishing the story and characters instead of revealing the twists. In the last 10 minutes, he rushed in revealing the twists which were underwhelming.

Software Sudheer Movie Verdict:

Software Sudheer is a neat launch for Sudigali Sudheer and apart from comedy, he also proved himself as a good dancer and an actor. Apart from the underwhelming second half, the film is worth watching.