Krishnarjuna Yuddham Box Office Collection


Krishnarjuna Yuddham Box Office Collection

U/A Telugu


12th Apr 2018 02:38:00

14.27 cr

21 Days WW Share


Krishna and Arjun are both playboys, hailing from different parts of the world. While Krishna woos the Indian village belles, Arjun is a Prague based rockstar and heartthrob of Indian origin. Things change suddenly when Krishna falls head-over-heels for a girl in his hometown and Arjun falls for a girl in Prague. But several difficulties hound the love birds. One fine day, Krishna and Arjun come face to face and find out that they're lookalikes. Also, when Krishna and Arjun get together they are ready to wage wars for their loved ones.

Cast & Crew

Krishnarjuna Yuddham Box Office Collection - Day wise Breakup, Region wise, Worldwide, Overseas

Day Wise Breakup (INR)

Days AP/TS India Overseas Worldwide
Premiers 37.47 lacs 37.47 lacs
day1 4.56 cr 4.92 cr 24.05 lacs 5.16 cr

Region Wise Breakup (INR)

Territory 1st Day 1st Weekend 1st Week Full Run
Nizam 1.91 cr 4.55 cr 5.00 cr 5.15 cr
Ceeded 53.00 lacs 1.40 cr 1.50 cr 1.55 cr
Uttarandhra 52.00 lacs 1.36 cr 1.48 cr 1.50 cr
Guntur 53.00 lacs 95.00 lacs 1.00 cr 1.00 cr
East Godavari 30.00 lacs 66.00 lacs 74.00 lacs 79.00 lacs
West Godavari 28.00 lacs 58.00 lacs 64.00 lacs 65.00 lacs
Krishna 29.00 lacs 76.00 lacs 85.00 lacs 92.00 lacs
Nellore 20.00 lacs 43.00 lacs 50.00 lacs 50.00 lacs
AP/TS 4.56 cr 10.69 cr 11.71 cr 12.06 cr
Karnataka 20.00 lacs 67.00 lacs 75.00 lacs 80.00 lacs
Rest Of India 16.00 lacs 20.00 lacs 23.00 lacs 25.00 lacs
India 4.92 cr 11.56 cr 12.69 cr 13.11 cr
United States 51.52 lacs 93.67 lacs 97.89 lacs 97.89 lacs
Rest Of World 10.00 lacs 15.00 lacs 17.50 lacs 18.00 lacs
Overseas 61.52 lacs 1.09 cr 1.15 cr 1.16 cr
Worldwide 5.54 cr 12.65 cr 13.84 cr 14.27 cr

USA Gross Detailed Breakup (USD)

Territory Premiers 1st Day 1st Weekend 1st Week Full Run
United States $164,437 $226,078 $411,058 $429,559 $429,559

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