Alludu Seenu Box Office Collection


Alludu Seenu Box Office Collection

A Telugu


25th Jul 2014 2:31:00

23.55 cr

23 Days WW Share


Alludu Seenu and his uncle Narasimha live in a village and they have a lot of debts. To escape their debts, both decide to leave for Chennai, but land in Hyderabad after boarding a wrong train. Meanwhile, Bhai (a look alike of Narasimha) is a big mafia leader in Hyderabad and Seenu who sees him, realises that the don resembles his uncle. Seenu uses Bhai`s personal assistant Dimple and mints money with his uncle posing as Bhai. And then Seenu falls in love with Anjali who is Bhai`s daughter. When both decide to get married, the truth about Seenu`s activities comea out and Anjali starts hating Seenu. In the meantime, Bhai decides to get Anjali mjarried to the son of his friend and mafia leader Bhanu in Sharjah. The remaining story revolves around how Seenu finally gets his love and why the two Bhai and Narasimha look similar.

Cast & Crew

Alludu Seenu Box Office Collection - Day wise Breakup, Region wise, Worldwide, Overseas

Day Wise Breakup (INR)

Days AP/TS India Overseas Worldwide
day1 2.89 cr 3.14 cr 3.14 cr

Region Wise Breakup (INR)

Territory 1st Day 1st Weekend 1st Week Full Run
Nizam 95.00 lacs 2.40 cr 4.80 cr 7.45 cr
Ceeded 55.00 lacs 1.40 cr 2.80 cr 4.30 cr
Uttarandhra 32.00 lacs 85.00 lacs 1.55 cr 3.00 cr
Guntur 25.00 lacs 90.00 lacs 1.45 cr 2.10 cr
East Godavari 25.00 lacs 60.00 lacs 1.00 cr 1.40 cr
West Godavari 20.00 lacs 50.00 lacs 90.00 lacs 1.35 cr
Krishna 22.00 lacs 57.00 lacs 1.00 cr 1.35 cr
Nellore 15.00 lacs 35.00 lacs 65.00 lacs 90.00 lacs
AP/TS 2.89 cr 7.57 cr 14.15 cr 21.85 cr
Karnataka 25.00 lacs 95.00 lacs 1.55 cr 1.55 cr
Rest Of India 10.00 lacs 15.00 lacs 15.00 lacs
India 3.14 cr 8.62 cr 15.85 cr 23.55 cr
United States
Rest Of World
Worldwide 3.14 cr 8.62 cr 15.85 cr 23.55 cr

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